What is optoelectronics?

25 08 2011

Optoelectronics is a specific branch of electronics that deals with any device that generates, transforms or transmits optical, infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

Optoelectronic devices are primarily used to activate or de-activate an electronic circuit based on the intensity of light.  

This particular type of technology can be used in a number of different devices such as indicators, transistors and any light emitting diode (LED) devices.

LED’s are used widely as ‘power on’ indicators of a current and as displays for things like pocket calculators, digital voltmeters, frequency counters etc.

They are also particular crucial for devices such as military circular connectors and coaxial connectors.

Optoelectronic devices are probably so popular because of their versatility. They can be employed for generating a wide variety of stationary or moving visual displays.

The can also be employed for creating an automatic switching or ‘alarm’ action in the presence or absence of a visible or invisible light source.

They can be employed to provide remote-control action via an infra-red light generator and a remotely placed detector.

The laser technology is probably the most adaptable facet of optoelectronics. Dermatologists, physicians, surgeons and personal care practitioners can all employ this type of technology for various means.

Hair removal and laser eye surgery stand out as two specific examples where optoelectronic laser technology would be required.

These are two widespread practices throughout the world and neither would be possible without the technology which goes into producing the laser effect.

Optoelectronics is one of those very specific types of technology that many people will not fully understand or appreciate. However, the medical and hair/beauty industries would simply not be able to function without it.

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