ebm-papst land prestigious innovation award

30 08 2011

ebm-papst has been named as one of the winners of the “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition. The RadiCal centrifugal fans in GreenTech EC technology caught the eye of the judging panel and were enough to mark out the industry leader as established innovators.

President Winfried Kretschmann was particularly enthusiastic about the achievement: “The winners of the ‘365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’ competition have all distinguished themselves with particularly innovative and groundbreaking projects.

They are an example of the innovative strength and dedication in this country,” he stated.

The awards reception took place at the New Palace in Stuttgart.

Based on the latest advances in aerodynamics, this development changes the impellers so “radically” that the efficiency is increased by 50% and the highest energy efficiency is attained for ventilation and air-conditioning applications.

Dr. Bruno Lindl, Group Managing Director of Research and Development at ebm-papst, accepted the prize from Minister President Winfried Kretschmann at the Stuttgart New Palace: “We are pleased to again be a ‘Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas’ this year with the RadiCal energy-saving fan.

This distinction is a confirmation of our GreenTech strategy and shows the importance of manufacturing products in a way that is energy-efficient and conserves resources.”

The ebm-papst Group received the distinction of “Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas” for the third time in a row.

It certainly goes some way towards highlighting the good work which the company is doing within the field of electrical fans and motors. It also explains why so many within the electronics industry view ebm-papst as an undoubted market leader in their specialist field.

For additional information on products including centrifugal fans, axial compact fans and a host of other electronic components, visit www.challengercomponents.com




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