The importance of LEDs to the connector market

1 09 2011

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to the electronics manufacturing industry as a whole.

Without them, companies such as Amphenol would not be able to offer the range of connectors and various other electronic components which they currently do.

An LED is a semiconductor light source. They are used as indicator lamps in a vast range of electronic devices and were first introduced in 1962.

LEDs offer numerous advantages compared to other light sources such as great robustness, long lifetime, low energy consumption and greater durability.

They can be used in automotive and aviation lighting. Infrared LEDs are also used in the remote control applications of products ranging from televisions to DVD players.

They are also vital for the connector industry specifically. Amphenol’s LED products are specially designed for use in a number of areas including:

-Audio and Video Entertainment Systems

-Outdoor Displays and Billboards

-Architectural Lighting Designs

-Aircraft Cabin Lighting

LEDs will eventually fail, like all light sources. However, the failure will take place gradually which saves you having to worry about any abrupt burnouts pooping up at an inopportune time.

They are also difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs which are very fragile.

They can often be very small (such as 2mm or smaller) and also have the advantage of lighting up very quickly when you want to use the application.

Red indicator LEDs can light up in under a microsecond.

For additional details on Amphenol’s LED product range and additional electronic components from other leading manufacturers, visit




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