Defence sector still reliant on UK electronics manufacturing

6 09 2011

Figures have been released that appear to confirm just how important the UK electronics manufacturing industry is to the British military sector.

There has been a great deal of speculation recently regarding plans by the British government to significantly cut the budget of the UK manufacturing sector.

Despite this, it is an indisputable fact that the British defence market still represents approximately 10% of UK manufacturing production.

The importance of the link between both sectors seems to have been acknowledged as previous plans to cut the UK defence budget by 15% over the next four years have now been changed to just 8%.

The UK still has the fourth largest defence budget in the world and is also one of the largest exporters of defence equipment.

Positions such as these rely heavily on an electronics manufacturing industry that employs individuals with unique knowledge and skills.

Military circular connectors are a prime example of the type of product which is crucial to an established country.

Light weight and designed to meet the most detailed specifications, they are commonly used on European military aircrafts.

Military and commercial communications equipment, such as the Cooper Interconnect-WPI are also produced by the UK electronics manufacturing sector.

This type of equipment is vital as it has proven to be extremely reliable in the face of the most intense and pressurised environments, such as those faced by the UK military on a daily basis in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The defence sector also provides many jobs, considering the amount of secondary companies which are related to the sector as a whole.

This places even more emphasis on the inextricable link between UK electronics and the defence sector. It is a relationship which is mutually beneficial for both sectors, and also for British security as a whole.

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