Amphenol unveil new high density solution

8 09 2011

Amphenol, one of the world leaders in design, manufacture and supply of RF interconnect systems, have unveiled a brand new high density BNC solution.

The HD-BNC series can be configured with centreline spacing. This enables 400% density improvements.

The series meets all the standard specifications of a BNC as well as exceeding all SMPTE requirements.

Owen Barthelmes, Director of Engineering at Amphenol RF, is confident that the product delivers on several fronts.

“The HD-BNC delivers what the broadcast industry is demanding for next-generation systems: a superior, high density interconnect solution that does not compromise on the robustness and familiar user experience that BNC has provided for so many years,” said Barthelmes.

One particular company who have already implemented the new solution is Newark/element14. Jeff Uden, Senior VP of Product Management at the company, enthused about its many qualities.

“This new technology from Amphenol RF allows our broadcast, telecommunications and other industry customers to have some of the highest quality, highest density designs for their applications.

“This is a great addition to our connector line, which is one of the broadest and deepest in the industry,” suggested Uden.

Amphenol RF has provided similar solutions to numerous industries including the automotive, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets.

They have an undeniable global footprint in the sector and boast over half a century of experience working with a variety of interconnect solutions to enhance some of the sectors mentioned above.

The HD-BNC series has been described by Amphenol as higher density connectivity for a higher definition world. It certainly seems to be proving popular so far.

For additional details on all of the products which Amphenol, and other leading industry specialists provide, simply visit




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