Fibre optic technology makes its presence felt

8 09 2011

The benefits of fibre optic technology are becoming increasingly clear for both the aerospace and military sectors.

Intricate cabling systems which use rugged cables and connect products are being employed by a number of people within both the military and aerospace sectors.

The importance of a strong relationship between the military/defence sector and the UK electronics industry has been emphasised once again recently.

The UK still has the fourth largest defence budget in the world and is also one of the largest exporters of defence equipment.

Positions such as these rely heavily on an electronics manufacturing industry that employs individuals with unique knowledge and skills.

Military circular connectors are a prime example of the type of product which is crucial to an established country.

Light weight and designed to meet the most detailed specifications, they are commonly used on European military aircrafts.

Weight reduction, performance, ruggedisation and micro-miniaturisation are all crucial elements for the military and aerospace industry’s selection process of interconnect solutions.

Fibre optics is emerging as an increasingly popular transmission medium of choice for both sectors, principally due to the intrinsic benefits of security.

Design connectors are ideal for use in flight-control equipment, avionics and mobile tactical field command platforms.

Within the aerospace industry specifically, it is widely anticipate that the new Boeing Dreamliner A380 will employ increased fibre optic technology to support the requirement for more efficient airframes in terms of weight reduction.

This will be while supporting more services such as communication, control and infotainment on the relevant platforms.

All of this is further evidence for the case that the UK electronics manufacturing sector is set to play a vital role within the future of both the aerospace and military sectors for some time to come.

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