Amphenol continue to lead the way in electronic innovation

9 09 2011

As a market leader within the electronics manufacturing industry, Amphenol have been at the forefront of some of the most innovative designs to recently hit the components/connectors market.

Below, we look at a collection of some of their most important recent releases;

Amphe-PPC Connector: Designed specifically for benign environment power applications, the Amphe-PPC is perfect for outdoor power supply, control systems and communications environments in various industrial markets.

Lightweight and compact, the Amphe-PPC uses silver-plated 5.7 mm RADSOK crimp-termination contacts, with gold-plated available, and can carry a current up to 120A.

The Amphe-PPC comes with integrated, waterproof cable glands, allowing it to fit into smaller spaces. This also means that additional adaptors are not required.

It also provides the ability to be used in higher current applications at a given temperature.

Amphe-BTS Power Connector:  The Amphe-BTS is a compact, energy-efficient connector which is specifically constructed to adhere to the requirements which have been set forth by the next generation of base stations.

It is hoped by many that this connector will negate the need to ship heavy cable assemblies all over the globe.

The Amphe-BTS also provides 360 degree EMI shielding with grounding fingers. It incorporates a specially designed locking system that guarantees strong vibration and shock resistance.

Due to its superb conductivity, the new product is also lightning resistant. The plug has screw termination contacts to allow for easy field installation and replacement.

HD-BNC series solution:  This new solution can be configured with centreline spacing, enabling 400% density improvements.

It meets all the neccessary specifications of a BNC as well as exceeding all SMPTE requirements.

One company who have already implemented the new solution is Newark/element14. Jeff Uden, Senior VP of Product Management at the company, enthused about its many qualities.

“This new technology from Amphenol RF allows our broadcast, telecommunications and other industry customers to have some of the highest quality, highest density designs for their applications.

To find out more on all of these products and other recent Amphenol releases, simply click here.




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