Military connector emphasis placed on keeping it light and simple

13 09 2011

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the important link between the electronics manufacturing sector and the military within the UK.

Plans by the British government to significantly cut the budget of the UK manufacturing sector were greeted with criticism.

The importance of the link between both sectors seems to have been acknowledged though, as previous plans to cut the UK defence budget by 15% over the next four years have now been reduced to 8%.

It now appears as though the link can be defined even more though. Leading industry experts are suggesting the emphasis is being placed on the soldier on the ground and the vehicle they use in terms of developments within electronic manufacturing.

It is clear that component manufacturers play a vital role in developing products that can enhance the UK military while being as light and easy to carry as possible.

Military Connectors are a good example of this.

The devices carried by a soldier or on a vehicle need to be interconnected and powered from a common source if possible.

Miniaturised connectors need the same performance and standards as their larger military-standard counterparts, but reducing the size can also affect performance.

Product design and development is therefore focusing on high-density terminations offered by lightweight military connector systems.

One of the most important areas of development focus is the thickness of the metal connector shell and the search for new alloys and materials to produce rugged yet lightweight construction.

Soldiers on the ground are reliant on using devices and equipment which, although complex in their construction, are easy to operate and transport.

Component manufacturers, such as Amphenol, who are involved in creating such products should be commended for matching the functions of the devices to the specific needs of the soldiers in their natural environment.




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