What is EC Technology?

23 09 2011

Find out more about EC technology, ebm-papst products and forthcoming EU regulations that will have a major impact on thermal management and electrical components in the near future.

Did you know that EC motors for fans consume on average about 30% less electricity than conventional AC motors? EC stands for Electronically Commutated which means it’s a fan with a permanent magnet motor (PMM).

EC motors have been around for many years and are more efficient than AC motors because they use permanent magnets rather than induce a secondary magnetic field in the rotor.

EU Regulations on Energy Efficient Fans

Launched as part of the European Union’s plans to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent by 2020, the Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) will have a significant impact on businesses that rely on many types of fans, especially industries such as refrigeration, IT manufacturing and air conditioning units.

The ErP Directive comes into force in two stages – in 2013 and 2015 – with stringent requirements for fans and their efficiency in the power range of 125 watts to 500 kilowatts.

There will be minimum efficiency requirements, which could see as many as 30 percent of all currently available fans failing to satisfy the new regulations. By 2015, when the second round of energy efficiency measures come into force, as many as 50 percent of the fans in operation today could no longer meet efficiency standards.

Fans and Blowers are commonly used in electrical power production, metal manufacturing, mining, food processing and any industrial setting which requires controlled conditions.

They can also be used as a low cost replacement for air conditioning, particularly where a commercial or industrial building requires a specific set temperature.

Blowers are usually used to exhaust foul air and replace it with fresh air while fans simply fan highly pressurised areas. There are number of different fans and blowers that are used for specific jobs. These include: axial fans; mixed flow or diagonal fans; radial fans and cross flow blowers.

Ebm-Papst EC Technology

One of the leaders in the production of energy efficient fans that meet the ErP Directive is Ebm-Papst. Ebm-Papst has developed GreenTech EC technology, which already exceed the 2015 ErP efficiency targets.

Their range of RadiCal EC fan systems are 50 per cent quieter than previous models and use 50 per cent less energy, too.

Challenger Components Ltd is the approved distributors for ebm-papst UK who have many years of experience in Thermal Management and Cooling Solutions, as well as fan and blower applications.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.




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