Amphenol scoop top connector award

4 10 2011

Amphenol Industrial has announced that their Helios H4 connector has achieved notoriety in one of the most respected test comparisons within the electronics industry.

Photon, the Solar Power magazine, has awarded the connector the top two ranking positions in their annual independent test comparison of solar connectors.

The series of categories which made up the test included issues such as high voltage withstand, contact resistance and separation force.

The connectors being tested were exposed to accelerated aging and were tested either side of this process to gauge their resistance in addition to other factors.

The Helios H4 was described as the only connector which consistently displayed a very low contact resistance, achieving a rating of 1.7 for the field-assembled unit and 1.9 for the factory-assembled connector.

The Helios H4 is used mainly to connect solar panels and inverters. It is Ro-HS compliant and uses a simple locking tool for easy unmating in the field.

It is also worth noting that it is a dual-rated connector that meets NEC 2008 without the need for extra locking collars and locking sleeves. This cost-effective interconnection uses Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology.

This enables it to achieve higher current ratings and lower contact resistance, resulting in lower power losses.

The award follows the release of a number of new products which Amphenol have recently released onto the market.

The epower Energy Storage Connector, the new high density BNC solution and the Amphe PPC Connector are all examples of important contributions which the company have made to the electronics manufacturing industry recently.

Amphenol are established as one of the global leaders in interconnect systems and have received global recognition for their specific work within the military and aerospace sectors.

For details on additional Amphenol products, as well as those available from a number of other leading brands, visit




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