3m Interconnect unveil brand new Crimplok+ Connector

7 10 2011

3m Interconnect have released the brand new 3m Crimplok+ Connector. It is principally an FTTX Field mounted connector that meets both indoor and outdoor performance requirements comfortably.

The new connector has been hailed as one of the most innovative and intuitive additions to the connector market for some time.

A distinct metallic element within the connector locks the fiber in place and the connector is designed without a splice. This eliminates a potential optical loss point.

3m were also keen to point out that the absence of gel or adhesive removes worries over the type of problems which are commonly associated with mechanical connectivity.

3m Interconnect have been providing a comprehensive range of solutions for the electronics market in the UK and Ireland for a number of years.

They cover a vast range of applications including;




-Medical device technology



3m connectors can be utilised for a range of applications such as space constrained environments without any compromise of high speed communications.

The company also produces cable assembly products that can be applied to a host of different situations.

3m are just one of the established and respected companies within the electronics manufacturing industry which can be found at www.challengercomponents.com

Other companies include Amphenol, ebm-papst and Nicomatic. Details on all of these companies and the wide range of components, connectors and additional equipment which they provide can be found on the Challenger website.




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