Amphenol Industrial unveil latest new connector

13 10 2011

Amphenol Industrial, who have been prolific lately in terms of new releases, has unveiled yet another new connector into the electronics industry.

The global leader in interconnect systems have introduced the Max-M12 connection system, ideal for use in particularly harsh environments.

Amphenol suggest the new system is ideal for applications that utilise a range of equipment including;

-Forestry equipment

-Construction machinery and equipment


-GPS and telematics

-Mining machinery and equipment

-Agricultural machinery and equipment

-Harsh environment sensors


Impact resistant

The new system is housed in an HDM 12 EX impact resistant metal shell and available as a 90® right angle connector, or in a straight version.

It has been specifically designed to withstand high vibration, high temperature and extremely rugged environments. This makes it ideal for military use, which is applicable to a number of the new products which Amphenol Industrial has released lately.

The new connection system can withstand temperatures ranging from -40®C to 125®.

Amphenol have unveiled a range of new products in recent times, including everything from high density solutions to energy storage connectors.

The release of such products reaffirms Amphenol’s position as one of the most important names in the world of connectors.

As a market leader within the electronics manufacturing industry, Amphenol have been at the forefront of some of the most innovative designs to recently hit the components/connectors market.

They continue to search for new ways to use connectors within practical and efficient applications, producing innovative ideas in the process.

For additional details on further Amphenol products, as well as those from a number of other leading connector manufacturers, visit today.




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