ebm-papst praised for ‘innovative strength and dedication’

14 10 2011

There is a growing feeling that the use of fans is not considered enough by companies as they strive to help the environment. ebm-papst is striving to change this.

Considering the vast emphasis on air conditioning, heat recovery and ventilation in offices throughout the world, is it time we all gave the subject more attention.

Helen McHugh, Head of Sustainable Technology at ebm-papst UK, was certainly enthusiastic about the impact EC fans could have.

“With the built environment under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption for both economic and environmental reasons, it is now more important than ever for people to realise the energy saving potential of EC fans.

It is important to let people know that they can easily retrofit EC fans into their existing HVAC applications, offering not only significant energy savings but also improved performance and reduced noise.”

 The company were recently praised for their innovative work in this are with a prestigious industry award.

ebm-papst was named as one of the winners of the “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition. The RadiCal centrifugal fans in GreenTech EC technology caught the eye of the judging panel and were enough to mark out the industry leader as established innovators.

President Winfried Kretschmann was particularly enthusiastic about the achievement: “The winners of the ‘365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’ competition have all distinguished themselves with particularly innovative and groundbreaking projects. They are an example of the innovative strength and dedication in this country,” he stated.

Based on the latest advances in aerodynamics, this development changes the impellers so “radically” that the efficiency is increased by 50% and the highest energy efficiency is attained for ventilation and air-conditioning applications.

For additional information on ebm-papst, and a number of other leading brand manufacturers with the electronic components industry, visit www.challengercomponents.com today.




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