Nicomatic introduce brand new product

17 10 2011

Nicomatic, one of the leaders in the development, design and manufacture of electronic connectors, has unveiled the new CrimpFlex connector system.

Specifically, the system offers a range of industry compatible board and flat cable connectors which allow for a variety of cable-to-board interconnections.

The new design is characterised by tangible mechanical strength and superior contact resistance. This effect is achieved by the piercing of the conductor at 6 different points.

Four of these are for electrical continuity and two are for mechanical strength.


Nicomatic can produce everything from low volume high technology products to the mass production of precision components for the consumer markets.

They are just one of the leading electronic manufacturers that Challenger Components Ltd works alongside.

With over 30 years of industrial experience, Nicomatic pride themselves on having an innovative spirit and a high degree of specialist knowledge.

The company have a dedicated product portfolio in connectors and man-machine interface switching technology.


Another leading electronics manufacturer which Challenger Components Ltd work with is ebm-papst.

ebm-papst is one of the most respected market leaders in the production of fans and motors for the electronics manufacturing industry.

From compact electronic cooling fans to energy efficient applications for a variety of industry purposes, ebm-papst has been an established name in the manufacturing of advanced air movement products for some time.

The company have established their reputation primarily through the competent manufacture and supply of items such as axial fans, centrifugal fans and hot air blowers.

Axial fans have the advantage of having a low installation depth, a low noise level and outstanding efficiency in general.

They are an extremely versatile product and can therefore be used across a wide variety of purposes.

The company also supply a fantastic range of centrifugal fans, with both backward and forward curved blades.

For additional details on Nicomatic, ebm-papst and a number of the other leading electronics manufacturers, visit




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