A-Z of electrical components – Fans

18 10 2011

The principal aim of an axial fan is to provide a sustainable cooling solution. Due to the versatility of the product though, this can translate to a ceiling fan within a household as well as a large piece of machinery in a busy industrial factory.

Different customers require axial fans for different functions.  Those who wish a fan to be used in the home for example, may require the fan to produce minimal noise.

For those working within a factory this may not be an issue of any real consequence.

ebm-papst is a well known axial fan manufacturer, renowned for producing high quality, energy efficient products.

Ceiling fans, table fans, compact fans, computer cooling fans, motor vehicle cooling fans can all be axial fans, depending on the manufacturer.

Fans in vehicles such as cars usually prevent the car from overheating by discarding hot air produced by the combustion in the engine. 

The same thing applies to computers, where a fan is encompassed into the design of the product to prevent it from overheating.

How do they work?

The blades within axial fans force the air to a shaft in a parallel direction. The air is then blown along the axis of the fan to produce a continuous flow of air. 

The cooling intensity of the fan depends on how quickly the blades move, or are set to move.

Some axial fans are used in air conditioning applications, both for consumer purposes, and within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Axial fans come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all these different settings. However, standard diameters for axial fans range from 300-400 mm and 1800-2000 mm.

For additional details on axial fans, as well as number of other products available from ebm-papst and other manufacturers, visit www.challengercomponents.com




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