Amphenol upgrade TMPC connector

24 10 2011

Amphenol Industrial has upgraded their Traction Motor Power Connector (TMPC) to include a brand new colour-coded power mountain flange.

The new system includes built-in locking keys which prevent the cable from slipping during use.

The new TMPC also allows for increased amperage, lower T-rise and insertion/removal forces than any other connector available within the UK.

The increased amperage specifically means that more current can pass through a single connection. This subsequently increases the efficiency of the power to the end use application.

The new connector is perfect for traction motor power supply applications as well as power distribution equipment.

The new addition to a swelling connector market features colour-coded mounting bases and also meets the NEC AC/DC requirements without issue.

Max M12 connection system

The news follows quickly on from the release of another new Amphenol product.

The global leader in interconnect systems have recently introduced the Max-M12 connection system. It is particularly deal for use in particularly harsh environments.

Amphenol suggest the new system is ideal for applications that utilise a range of equipment including; Construction machinery and equipment; Navigation; Mining machinery and equipment; Agricultural machinery and equipment

The new system is housed in an HDM 12 EX impact resistant metal shell and available as a 90® right angle connector, or in a straight version.


Amphenol are established as one of the global leaders in interconnect systems and have received global recognition for their specific work within the military and aerospace sectors.

The release of such products as those mentioned above reaffirms Amphenol’s position as one of the most important names in the world of connectors.

As a market leader within the electronics manufacturing industry, Amphenol have been at the forefront of some of the most innovative designs to recently hit the components/connectors market.

They continue to search for new ways to use connectors within practical and efficient applications, producing innovative ideas in the process.

For details on additional Amphenol products, as well as those available from a number of other leading brands, visit




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