The enduring popularity of circular connectors

14 11 2011

When it comes to rugged applications, demand remains high for circular connectors within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Recent reports suggest that companies still value the reliability of circular connectors, a form of technology which dates all the way back to World War 2.

One analyst from a leading manufacturing company stated that circular connectors are popular because they offer “good price/performance, good electrical properties, ease of mating and simple locking.”

Circular connectors have evolved to be used within a wide range of formats from their early beginnings. One of the most widely used theories put forward to explain their popularity is the reliability of the product.

Many companies and individuals who require connectors for a host of different reasons see circular connectors as a ‘tried and trusted’ method.


Plastic Circular Connectors

As one of the leading providers of the leading providers are various electronics equipment to leading companies for almost 80 years, Amphenol are firmly established as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

A host of circular connectors are available through Amphenol. These come in receptacle, in-line, overmolded or filed installable versions.

With thread or bayonet locking systems in more than 50 pin configurations and over 5 shell sizes, these versatile connectors are some of the most useful products in the electronics market.



Amphenol are one of the leading providers of connectors and a host of additional electronics equipment, they are particularly tuned into the needs of the LED market.

For details on all the items offered by Amphenol and a host of other leading providers such as Nicomatic, ebm-papst and 3M, visit




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