The way we use Industrial cables

28 11 2011

Industrial cables are generally fabricated in various instruments for power and control and can be used in variety of industries. They are particularly popular in both the aerospace and military sectors.

Nowadays, the cable manufacturers can customise the cable quality to the customer’s specific needs and they are generally designed in such a way that they can withstand the low, medium and high voltage fluctuations.

One of the most prominent examples of an industrial cable is a Factory Automation cable, mainly used in robots for signalling and power purposes. As this equipment is operated with continuously, the cables used should be highly durable and insulation material used for designing these cables should withstand high mechanical strength as irradiation cross-linking is performed and is qualified only after it tolerates 10 million repetitive movements.

Another example is a Military cable which is used for transferring signals to military equipment such as tanks, aircraft and naval vessels. The cables designed should be non-toxic and fire proof as they are used in radars and communication devices.

Challenger Components

Challenger Components have over 50 years of experience in industrial cables, connector products and a variety of additional electrical components.

They also work alongside a number of leading brand names within the electronics manufacturing industry such as Amphenol, Nicomatic and 3M. Names such as these are trusted and respected globally to provide the most innovative and reliable solutions to a range of electronic issues.

They are particularly renowned in both the military and aerospace sectors, where the use of connectors is pivotal to a variety of equipment and a whole host of different situations.

For full details of all the products available from manufacturers such as those named above, contact





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