The power of antistatic products

30 11 2011

It is a necessity to buy anti static products for many companies within the manufacturing industry, especially when your work is related to the field of electronics. Such products are significant in protecting both you and the electronic components from the so-called ‘static charge build-up.’

Such build-up of electric charge on the surface of an object, known as the static electricity, can damage electronic components beyond repair. This is the reason why this should not be taken for granted—hence, it is really important to grab the following anti static products;

Anti Static Mat: This product is particularly useful for reducing the chance of getting in contact with static. The anti static mat is put beneath the components or the person working on them. This is to ensure the safety for the electronics and to avoid static shocks, especially when surrounded by electronic devices.

Anti Static Bags: When you need to ship or move electronic components, such as memory sticks, hard drives and sound cards, the use of anti static bags is important. This anti static product is use to deflect the natural static electricity which are usually built up during the journey.

Anti Static Clothing: As its name implies, it is utilised to protect the person working on the electronic devices and the devices themselves from the static electrical charges.

Ankle and Heel Straps: These can also be used to help protect users from currents and allow accumulated charge to seep away from the body.

These items work in an equally intricate way, dissipating electrical charge to specially implanted floor tiles to increase protection. They are particularly good for anyone who needs to be mobile when working as it is preferable to avoid a grounding cable in this cable.

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