Three Uses of Halogen Free Cables

16 12 2011

Halogen free cables are an integral component designed to offer users increased safety and protection. Used within a range of industries as well as inside our homes, these components are multi-purposeful and efficient.

Why halogen free?

All cables are enclosed within a plastic casing and plastics which contain halogen can be dangerous when exposed to high temperatures and heat, such as in fires. This is because the materials release a poisonous gas in these instances. If this gas comes into contact with water then hydrochloric acid is formed – making the situation extremely volatile and dangerous for those involved.

For this reasons, halogen free cables are becoming a standard component in a number of industries but especially those which are widely connected with the general public. This makes the uses of these types of cable extremely varied and diverse.

Uses of halogen free cables

• Rail travel: both rail and aircraft travel and construction use halogen free cables. The added safety benefits make this an essential component, helping to ensure the public are protected. As electrical fires and other faults can arise on these machines, using cables which will not exasperate the situation is vital.

• Public buildings: as these will be frequented by a number of individuals on a regular basis, ensuring public safety is paramount. For this reason, halogen free cables are often used as they can reduce the risk of damage in the event of a fire. These buildings will often have an extensive supply of cables and leads and therefore investing in these products is highly important.

• Electricals: the fast majority of electrical items will be connected via cables and leads and, therefore, the potential for damaging effects occurring during fires is high. Using halogen free cables for these products will reduce this risk and will help to lower the dangers posed to individuals. As these devices will be found throughout personal homes, places of work and public areas it is vital that they use the safest possible cables.

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