A-Z of electrical components: T – Tamper resistant connectors

27 10 2011

Tamper resistant connectors and receptacles are mainly designed to guarantee the safety of anybody dealing with electrical equipment.

Research has shown that the use of these specific devices can mean that injuries obtained by those who work with electricity are greatly reduced. Cooper Interconnect are one of the most trusted suppliers of these products.

Cooper Interconnect

Cooper Wiring Devices produces a wide range of tamper resistant receptacles for a variety of applications including industrial, commercial and residential ones where children are particularly vulnerable to harm.

The electrical wiring device manufacturer is set to appear on an episode of Designing Spaces on June 3rd to discuss and provide tips on installing tamper resistant devices.

Tamper resistant receptacles

Tamper resistant receptacles offer genuine peace of mind with a shutter system that prevents foreign objects from being inserted into one side of the face.

A recessed tamper resistant receptacle, a tamper resistant floor box receptacle and tamper resistant multimedia wall plates with receptacles are other products which can prevent harm to people working with electrics.

Products produced by Cooper Wiring Devices in the receptacles range include a line of standard and decorator combination devices.

This includes both a 15A 120V/AC switch with a 15A 125V/AC receptacle with UL-listed tamper resistant shutters. These shutters are designed to prevent the insertion of foreign objects.

Challenger Components

Challenger Components have vast experience providing electronic solutions to a wide variety of markets requiring the use of electrical applications such as connectors.

They supply Cooper Interconnect products as well as electrical components from a variety of other well thought of manufacturers including Amphenol, ebm-papst, Nicomatic, and Credence Technologies.

For additional information on the range of products which Cooper Interconnect and various other companies supply, visit www.challengercomponents.com


Cooper Industries land top industry award

2 09 2011

Cooper Industries, the global electrical products manufacturer, has been recognised for their sustained innovation within the electronics industry.

The company have been ranked as the Number 1 innovator in industrial components and fixtures industry scorecard by the Patent Board.

The Patent Board are the leading independent provider of best practices research, tools and metric analysis for patent analysis.

The scorecard is published three times a year in the Wall Street Journal and Cooper Industries’ ranking marks the third consecutive year that the company has achieved a top ten ranking in the table.

“We are pleased that the Patent Board continues to recognise Cooper for our investments in technology and that this year we are at the top of our category for innovation,” said Kirk Hachigian, Cooper Industries CEO.

“We are committed to new product development and strategic acquisitions, which have helped us to continue to expand our breadth of offerings to better serve our customers,” continued Hachigian.

The company, which manufactures a range of high-end connectors and cable assemblies for audio, data and power applications, have certainly established themselves as a market leader over the last decade.

They also recently landed two additional awards specifically for their Outdoor LED product. One of which, the most effective new product, is particularly prestigious coming at the Architectural SSL Product Innovation Competition.

The competition is designed to recognise the people and processes behind the components that make up the light sources within the electronics industry.

For details on all of the products which Cooper Industries offer, as well as those available from other market leaders such as Amphenol, visit www.challengercomponents.com

There is a range of connectors and components available for various applications, all from established brand names.

Energy Efficient Electronic Components

20 05 2011

A leading electrical wiring device manufacturer has launched new commercial occupancy sensors to its line of lighting controls.

Cooper Wiring Devices has designed the new electronic components for industrial, commercial and residential applications, of which the products feature contemporary aesthetic design that is specially made for energy efficient retrofits.

This NEXION line is aimed at specifically helping businesses save money by meeting sustainability initiatives, while also complying with new energy codes.

“The NEXION line was a natural next step in the CORE lighting controls line to bring our innovative products further into the commercial space,” commented Daniel Castillo, vice president and general manager, Copper Wiring Devices.

“This line of products was designed to meet the unique needs of building owners and occupants and to help them meet substantially initiatives and energy-saving requirements.”

The NEXION Commercial Occupancy Sensors line includes redesigned wallbox occupancy sensors featuring Instinct Technology.

Instinct Technology is a decision making software built into the lighting control that makes adjustments in real time, preventing lights from falsely turning on or off.  This is particularly useful where spaces are used for different purposes on a regular basis like offices and conference rooms – the sensors adjusts the light levels to accommodate the dynamic changes in activity.

Challenger Components: Electrical Components Supplier

Challenger components supplies electrical components in the categories of connectors, static control, and fans and blowers.

They use products designed by Cooper Interconnect for some of their customers requiring connectors for cable assemblies.

The types of customers they provide electronic solutions for range from the industrial sector to commercial, telecommunications, and military.

As such they are able to put their 50 years of expertise to good use and find the best components from a number of different sources, including Cooper Interconnect, Amphenol and ebm-papst, to find an appropriate solution.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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