Amphenol create a big impression with the Helios H4

10 11 2011

Amphenol, one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world, have caused a stir in the electronics industry recently by introducing their Helios H4 connector.

The Helios H4 is used mainly to connect solar panels and inverters. It is Ro-HS compliant and uses a simple locking tool for easy unmating in the field.

It is also worth noting that it is a dual-rated connector that meets NEC 2008 without the need for extra locking collars and locking sleeves. This cost-effective interconnect uses Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology.

The primary features of the Helios H4 include;

-Highest current rating in the industry

-Quick and easy secure snap lock mating

-Low contact resistance which means low power loss

-Fully inter-mateable with industry standard

-UL, CSA and TUV approved

The Helios H4 has recently been described as the only connector which consistently displays a very low contact resistance, achieving a rating of 1.7 for the field-assembled unit and 1.9 for the factory-assembled connector from Photon, the Solar Power magazine.


Amphenol: Leaders in interconnect products

Amphenol are established as one of the global leaders in interconnect systems and have received global recognition for their specific work within the military and aerospace sectors.

Amphenol are renowned for designing, manufacturing and marketing electrical and fibre optic connectors, as well as interconnect systems.

The epower Energy Storage Connector, the new high density BNC solution and the Amphe PPC Connector are all examples of important contributions which the company have made to the electronics manufacturing industry recently.

For details on additional products available from Amphenol, as well as those available from a number of other leading brands including Nicomatic and ebm-papst, visit


Antistatic: Flooring, Mats, Chairs and Shoes

31 10 2011

Anybody working in the electronics manufacturing industry can easily become charged with static electricity, and it is important to control this in order to prevent it from transferring from one application to another which could damage them or cause them to work incorrectly. 

Antistatic flooring is typically used by workers who use electrical applications likely to be affected by discharged electricity. 

The static from the person involved is grounded in the mat due to its specific materials.


Chairs, Mats & Shoes

There can be some antistatic mats which not only act as static control; they also allow workers to stand comfortably for long periods of time.  These are termed ant-fatigue mats and can come with or without the static control features.

They are made with durable rubber, and ones created by 3M consist of a matrix of hollow cylinders that function like a spring when compressed.

There are also static-free chairs available on the market, which are designed to eliminate the problems caused by combining conductive materials.  These are manufactured with hooded static-free casters, and static-free fabric.

In addition to antistatic mats and antistatic chairs, there are also antistatic shoes available for workers working with static electricity.

ESD shoes are able to ground the electrostatic discharge from a person as long as they are worn on a semi-conductive floor.  The shoes discharge the static electricity stored in a human body through the floor in a more controlled way.


Challenger Components

Challenger Components have been supplying antistatic products to a range of customers and organisations for decades.

They work with established, respected manufacturers such as;




For more information on all the antistatic products, as well as connectors, available, visit

Nicomatic introduce brand new product

17 10 2011

Nicomatic, one of the leaders in the development, design and manufacture of electronic connectors, has unveiled the new CrimpFlex connector system.

Specifically, the system offers a range of industry compatible board and flat cable connectors which allow for a variety of cable-to-board interconnections.

The new design is characterised by tangible mechanical strength and superior contact resistance. This effect is achieved by the piercing of the conductor at 6 different points.

Four of these are for electrical continuity and two are for mechanical strength.


Nicomatic can produce everything from low volume high technology products to the mass production of precision components for the consumer markets.

They are just one of the leading electronic manufacturers that Challenger Components Ltd works alongside.

With over 30 years of industrial experience, Nicomatic pride themselves on having an innovative spirit and a high degree of specialist knowledge.

The company have a dedicated product portfolio in connectors and man-machine interface switching technology.


Another leading electronics manufacturer which Challenger Components Ltd work with is ebm-papst.

ebm-papst is one of the most respected market leaders in the production of fans and motors for the electronics manufacturing industry.

From compact electronic cooling fans to energy efficient applications for a variety of industry purposes, ebm-papst has been an established name in the manufacturing of advanced air movement products for some time.

The company have established their reputation primarily through the competent manufacture and supply of items such as axial fans, centrifugal fans and hot air blowers.

Axial fans have the advantage of having a low installation depth, a low noise level and outstanding efficiency in general.

They are an extremely versatile product and can therefore be used across a wide variety of purposes.

The company also supply a fantastic range of centrifugal fans, with both backward and forward curved blades.

For additional details on Nicomatic, ebm-papst and a number of the other leading electronics manufacturers, visit

Electrical Supplies Shortage For Christmas

30 11 2010

New industry analysis into the electrical components industry shows that many must-have items could be at a shortage soon due to lead times increasing for core electrical products.

Research by supply management company BravoSolution has revealed that many companies are continuing to hold on to their cash reserves wherever possible for fear of buying redundant stock that they then cannot sell.

As a result, they claim, lead times for many electrical products have increased dramatically, hitting dangerously high levels that now stand at an alarming 52 days – five times higher than the previous 10-12 day standard.

According to BravoSolution’s analysis, electrical components such as transistors and other connectors, have been affected most in this inventory dwindle, risking a shortage of many of desired consumer electronics, such as games consoles and televisions, over the Christmas period.

“With lead times for core electrical products hitting unprecedented levels over recent months, there is a real risk that many of the most wanted goods will simply not be available this Christmas,” says  Paul Martyn, Vice President of Global Marketing, BravoSolution.

“Due to the surge in demand, the festive season is always a challenging time for retailers. With sales at risk at such a crucial time of the year, there is a real danger that quarterly results will be affected, which will ultimately have a substantial impact on the profitability and share price performance of both manufacturers and retailers alike.”

Top five potential product shortages include: Games consoles, MP3 players, Televisions, DVD players, Microwaves.

Entire industries have built up on the back of commonly used electrical products in recent decades, reliant as these products and more are on specialist and custom-made parts.

Companies such as NICOMATIC, who specialise in the design and manufacture of connectors and metal dome switching technology for membrane switches and mobile phones, are just one example of a company operating in particular manufacturing niches.

Challenger Components is one of the leading distributors in the UK of electrical component products.

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