Amphenol introduce new HelioLug component

12 12 2011

Amphenol have introduced the new HelioLug, the first grounding lug that meets specific requirements of the solar industry.

A grounding lug is a component for solar modules and solar racking systems, allowing easy termination to the grounding wire.

The HelioLug has a deliberately versatile design and can be used for commercial or utility scale installations, as well as residential installations.

As one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world, Amphenol recently made a big impact on the the electronics industry by introducing their Helios H4 connector.

The Helios H4 is used mainly to connect solar panels and inverters. It is Ro-HS compliant and uses a simple locking tool for easy unmating in the field.

It is also worth noting that it is a dual-rated connector that meets NEC 2008 without the need for extra locking collars and locking sleeves. This cost-effective interconnect uses Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology.

The primary features of the Helios H4 include;

-Highest current rating in the industry

-Quick and easy secure snap lock mating

-Low contact resistance which means low power loss

The Helios H4 has recently been described as the only connector which consistently displays a very low contact resistance, achieving a rating of 1.7 for the field-assembled unit and 1.9 for the factory-assembled connector from Photon, the Solar Power magazine.


Global leaders in interconnect products

Amphenol are established as one of the global leaders in interconnect systems and have received global recognition for their specific work within the military and aerospace sectors.

Amphenol are renowned for designing, manufacturing and marketing electrical and fibre optic connectors, as well as interconnect systems.

The HelioLug, the new high density BNC solution and the Amphe PPC Connector are all examples of important contributions which the company have made to the electronics manufacturing industry recently.

For details on additional products available from Amphenol, as well as those available from a number of other leading brands including Nicomatic and ebm-papst, visit


Why use military connectors?

25 11 2011

Do you need reliable and efficient electronic connectors that can withstand any type of harsh environment? Military connectors are connectors which are specifically designed for military use. These connectors are used in a variety of ways by trained professionals within the military sector.

Connectors used by the military are described in two types of formats which include the MIL-C-26482 and the MIL-DTL-26482 formats. Of the two, the latter is the most current type. These two types of connectors offer complete protection against fluid and dust. Many circular pins come with these types of connectors. Industrial Ethernet also utilizes the same kind of technology.

There is an increasing demand for reliable connectors with military type performance specification and accuracy. Such industrial applications include control equipment used in nuclear power generation facilities and banking and security systems among others. These facilities also require the same reliability and performance as any military facilities. Electronic data from these industrial facilities also require optimum protection which military connectors can provide.

Connectors with military specifications are expected to withstand high impact shock, corrosion, and extreme changing temperatures. Materials for these types of connectors may include metal and composite among others. Because of the ability of these connectors to withstand environmental abuse, the usage extends not only for military use but also in communication, aviation, traffic control, and geophysical applications. Moreover, more and more rail transportation companies and vehicles utilise the efficiency, reliability, and durability of military connectors.

If you are worried about moisture, vibration, and changes in pressure, the use of connectors with military specifications could be the answer. These types of connectors come in different types and sizes which include the miniature size, sub-miniature size, and micro size connectors.

Install rugged, lightweight, and compact connectors made with military quality specifications for any type of industrial application. This is what you need if you want your connectors to withstand challenging conditions.

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Manufacturing companies think twice about benefits of offshoring

25 11 2011

One of the most common trends to have emerged within the electronics manufacturing industry over the last decade has been the obsession with offshoring.

Companies were keen to make savings wherever they could and the idea of offshoring several aspects of their work initially seemed to have a multitude of obvious benefits.

However, recent events have given a number of these companies cause to have second thoughts. Phil Inness, Chairman of the Electronic Manufacturing Services Association, has assessed why they may now have cause to regret their actions.

“There has been a mass of migration work offshore in the last ten years,”suggested Inness. “Some of this should have gone overseas without question, while some should not have but did. Companies now realise that offshoring isn’t going to be a fix for all evils and there is much cleverer decision making today.

“The may have realised certain savings, but then ended up with obsolete stock or found the work was wrong and had to be put right, with all the time delays involved.

Now, there’s smarter procurement; if someone wants 73 units, they can order 73 units from aUKcompany and have no wastage. If you go offshore, you may have to order 100 units or more to get the price breaks.”

It appears thatUKcompanies failed to recognise the benefits of keeping the work within these shores, only to learn the lesson down the line in financial terms.

Leading electronics manufacturers

Challenger Components have over 50 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry and a variety of additional electrical components. They also work alongside a number of leading brand names within the electronics manufacturing industry such as Amphenol, 3M and ebm-papst.

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The enduring popularity of circular connectors

14 11 2011

When it comes to rugged applications, demand remains high for circular connectors within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Recent reports suggest that companies still value the reliability of circular connectors, a form of technology which dates all the way back to World War 2.

One analyst from a leading manufacturing company stated that circular connectors are popular because they offer “good price/performance, good electrical properties, ease of mating and simple locking.”

Circular connectors have evolved to be used within a wide range of formats from their early beginnings. One of the most widely used theories put forward to explain their popularity is the reliability of the product.

Many companies and individuals who require connectors for a host of different reasons see circular connectors as a ‘tried and trusted’ method.


Plastic Circular Connectors

As one of the leading providers of the leading providers are various electronics equipment to leading companies for almost 80 years, Amphenol are firmly established as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

A host of circular connectors are available through Amphenol. These come in receptacle, in-line, overmolded or filed installable versions.

With thread or bayonet locking systems in more than 50 pin configurations and over 5 shell sizes, these versatile connectors are some of the most useful products in the electronics market.



Amphenol are one of the leading providers of connectors and a host of additional electronics equipment, they are particularly tuned into the needs of the LED market.

For details on all the items offered by Amphenol and a host of other leading providers such as Nicomatic, ebm-papst and 3M, visit

What does your business need from a connector?

11 11 2011

A recent report from Global Industry Analysts suggests that developments in technology and a marked increase in the production of miniaturised microprocessors could potentially lead to a sustained growth within the electronics industry over the coming years.

A recent report from Bishop and Associates found that, on average over the last five years, worldwide administrations have consistently spent 2.7% of their gross domestic product (GDP) on military expenditures. This suggests that demand within the military sector for specialist connectors is likely to stay strong.

Demand for cable connectors is also expected remain strong in the near future. Analysts expect the worldwide market for the military/aerospace cable assemblies market to have grown by approximately 2% by the end of 2011, to a total value of approximately $12.9 billion.

Reliability is, of course, a major consideration to bear in mind, as is easy identification (very important when working on complex electrical circuits and systems) and how easily it can be connected to other devices.

Price will also be a huge factor for a number of companies considering the economic climate which we are all operating in at the moment.

You may also want the connector to meet specific needs as well, such as the ability to withstand high vibrations. Several connector manufacturers have recently stated their desire to hear more defined specifications from companies prior to constructing products, in order to meet client expectations as accurately as possible.

Challenger Components has 50 years experience in providing electrical components to a variety of industries. They use a variety of recognised and globally trusted suppliers such as Amphenol and ebm-papst to provide connectors, industrial fans/blowers and static control solutions to customers all over the world.

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Antistatic: Flooring, Mats, Chairs and Shoes

31 10 2011

Anybody working in the electronics manufacturing industry can easily become charged with static electricity, and it is important to control this in order to prevent it from transferring from one application to another which could damage them or cause them to work incorrectly. 

Antistatic flooring is typically used by workers who use electrical applications likely to be affected by discharged electricity. 

The static from the person involved is grounded in the mat due to its specific materials.


Chairs, Mats & Shoes

There can be some antistatic mats which not only act as static control; they also allow workers to stand comfortably for long periods of time.  These are termed ant-fatigue mats and can come with or without the static control features.

They are made with durable rubber, and ones created by 3M consist of a matrix of hollow cylinders that function like a spring when compressed.

There are also static-free chairs available on the market, which are designed to eliminate the problems caused by combining conductive materials.  These are manufactured with hooded static-free casters, and static-free fabric.

In addition to antistatic mats and antistatic chairs, there are also antistatic shoes available for workers working with static electricity.

ESD shoes are able to ground the electrostatic discharge from a person as long as they are worn on a semi-conductive floor.  The shoes discharge the static electricity stored in a human body through the floor in a more controlled way.


Challenger Components

Challenger Components have been supplying antistatic products to a range of customers and organisations for decades.

They work with established, respected manufacturers such as;




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A-Z of electrical components: L – LED’s

31 10 2011

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) play a significant role within the electronics manufacturing industry.

An LED is a semiconductor light source. It plays a crucial role across a vast range of sectors which rely on the electronics manufacturing industry.

Companies like Amphenol would not be able to offer the range of connectors and various other electronic components which they currently do, without the use of LED’s.

They offer numerous advantages compared to other light sources such as;

-Great robustness,

-Long lifetime,

-Low energy consumption

-Greater durability.


The power of LEDs

They can be used in automotive and aviation lighting. Infrared LEDs are also used in the remote control applications of products ranging from televisions to DVD players.

They are also vital for the connector industry specifically. Another major advantage of LEDs is that they are difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs which are very fragile.

They can often be very small (such as 2mm or smaller) and also have the advantage of lighting up very quickly when you want to use the application.


Challenger Components

Amphenol’s LED products are specially designed for use in a number of areas including; audio and video entertainment systems, outdoor displays and billboards, architectural lighting designs, aircraft cabin lighting.

Amphenol are established as one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products all over the planet. Amphenol are renowned for designing, manufacturing and marketing electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, as well as interconnect systems.

To hear more about the products available from Amphenol, and other leading electronics manufacturing brands, visit

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