A brief guide to industrial/electrical connectors

14 09 2011

Electrical/Industrial connectors are used in a wide variety of different devices within the electronics industry.

The main types of industrial electrical connectors which exist on the market include;

–          Industrial rectangular

–          Industrial circular

–          Coaxial connectors

–          Heat seal connectors

–          Smart card connectors

This particular type of connector is designed to withstand intense conditions and high vibrations. This is so that the electrical current which they are carrying is not compromised by any external influences.

Military connectors can also be used within industrial services as well. Even though they are more commonly associated with military devices, their complex construction means particularly diverse.

Devices within a factory are similar to those used within a military or combat situation, in the sense that they need to be durable and able to withstand changes in temperature.

Hybrid Connectors

One of the most durable and efficient electrical connectors are hybrid connectors.

Hybrid connectors are modular. This means they tend to be very useful for simplifying assembly, repair and future modifications.

They are also very effective in reducing equipment installation time as they help to reduce the amount of individual cable and connector assemblies.

Probably the most unique feature of hybrid connectors is the fact that they have housings, this allows for the intermixing of many connector types including power connectors, radio frequency connectors and USB connectors.

Leading connector manufacturers

Challenger Components have over 50 years of experience in connector products and a variety of additional electrical components. They also work alongside a number of leading brand names within the electronics manufacturing industry such as Amphenol, Nicomatic and 3M.

For full details of all the products available from manufacturers such as those named above, contact www.challengercomponents.com


Financial analyst predicts bright future for connector market

23 08 2011

A senior analyst at J.P Morgan has predicted that the connector market will continue to flourish in the near future despite the global financial problems which the electronics industry is currently battling with.

Steven O’Brien stated in a recent interview that due to the “vital function” that connectors have within the electronics industry, he feels that their production will continue to grow.

“In terms of specific examples, connectors are used in everything. They are used in your mobile phones. They are used in automobiles. They are used in aircrafts. They are used in networking equipment. They are used everywhere,” stated O’Brien.

He then went on to speculate about the value of the connector industry and how it can be best broken down.

“Connectors are about a $50 billion a year industry right now. I’d say about 30% come from communications. That includes both communications equipment like communication service providers, as well as communication devices like smartphones and tablets,” continued O’Brien.

He also went on to state the importance that connectors play in areas such as the industrial market, data networking, the automotive and aerospace industries.

There is certainly little doubt that many people doubt the all encompassing nature of the connector market, taking for granted the role in which they play in so many products nowadays.

O’Brien also made a further key point which is definitely worth considering when you ponder the future stability of the connector market.

“Another major positive that the connector industry has going for it is that unlike other areas, you have broad and almost agnostic exposure to success of the various OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in any given industry.”

It is certainly a boost to the connector market to hear such a positive bulletin from a respected analyst, many within the industry will be glad to hear the endorsement.

Energy Efficient Electronic Components

20 05 2011

A leading electrical wiring device manufacturer has launched new commercial occupancy sensors to its line of lighting controls.

Cooper Wiring Devices has designed the new electronic components for industrial, commercial and residential applications, of which the products feature contemporary aesthetic design that is specially made for energy efficient retrofits.

This NEXION line is aimed at specifically helping businesses save money by meeting sustainability initiatives, while also complying with new energy codes.

“The NEXION line was a natural next step in the CORE lighting controls line to bring our innovative products further into the commercial space,” commented Daniel Castillo, vice president and general manager, Copper Wiring Devices.

“This line of products was designed to meet the unique needs of building owners and occupants and to help them meet substantially initiatives and energy-saving requirements.”

The NEXION Commercial Occupancy Sensors line includes redesigned wallbox occupancy sensors featuring Instinct Technology.

Instinct Technology is a decision making software built into the lighting control that makes adjustments in real time, preventing lights from falsely turning on or off.  This is particularly useful where spaces are used for different purposes on a regular basis like offices and conference rooms – the sensors adjusts the light levels to accommodate the dynamic changes in activity.

Challenger Components: Electrical Components Supplier

Challenger components supplies electrical components in the categories of connectors, static control, and fans and blowers.

They use products designed by Cooper Interconnect for some of their customers requiring connectors for cable assemblies.

The types of customers they provide electronic solutions for range from the industrial sector to commercial, telecommunications, and military.

As such they are able to put their 50 years of expertise to good use and find the best components from a number of different sources, including Cooper Interconnect, Amphenol and ebm-papst, to find an appropriate solution.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Circular Connectors: Industrial and Military Connectors

17 11 2010

Find out what circular connectors do, how they are used in industry and the military, and who the leading circular connector manufacturers are.

Circular connectors are an important element in both industrial and military projects. They are used to join a number of signals or power leads from a cable or piece of equipment to another cable or piece of equipment: essentially, as the name suggests, connecting the two.

Circular connectors have pins inside them which are all different and allow the circular connector to connect with cabling supplying power, signal or coaxial cables.

Circular connectors have to be able to withstand a number of environmental factors, when used in industrial, as well as military applications. Military circular connectors are found in a range of military hardware, including aerospace and are designed to sustain high vibrations and operate in extreme environments.

Amphenol Circular Cable Connectors

One of the leading suppliers of military and industrial connectors in the world is Amphenol. Amphenol products are all built to military specified standards. Amphenol are at the forefront of circular connection development. Previous accomplishments have included the development of their patented RADSOK technology, which allows for 50% more current to pass through the same size cavity.

The RADSOK technology, according to Amphenol, also provides ‘increased reliability, ampacity and cycle durability as well as lower insertion force, T-rise and voltage drop.’

If you are looking to buy circular connectors, either for industrial or military use, whatever your cabling and circular connection requirements Challenger Components can supply all of your requirements.

Challenger Components Ltd is one of the leading distributors in the UK of connectors, cooling solutions and static control products.

Visit: www.challengercomponents.com for more information and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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