The Primary Function of Industrial Fans

31 03 2011

Industrial fans are machines which provide and maintain a certain atmosphere, usually in an industrial setting.

They tend to generate a steady flow of air, of which this can be to get rid of certain gases produced by the other industrial applications, or to cool to applications so they work to their optimum capacity.

Industrial fans can be used in combustion, in exhaust systems, transport, cooling, drying, air-cleaning, air-conditioning and many other applications.

Electrical power production and food processing are key industries where industrial fans are used.

How do Industrial Fans Function?

Industrial fans are manufactured to have a number of blades which rotate, this rotation is driven by a motor which can monitor and set the speed with which the fan works at.  The number and size of the blades inside an industrial fan determine its capacity for providing a certain level of air flow.

When the flow of air is mainly on the downstream side of a fan it is usually called a blower.

Types of Industrial Fans

There are centrifugal fans and axial fans available on the market for industrial fan requirements.

Centrifugal fans use centrifugal force to create air movement – where a rotating disk moves blades at right angles to it, through the air at speed.

Axial fans have a central hub which has blades radially coming out of it, so spinning the air a different way to produce the movement.  These have fan wheels, and are typically used when a large volume of air flow is required.

Suppliers of Industrial Fans

Challenger Components is an expert is supplying the right industrial fans and blowers for clients’ requirements.

They stock both Centrifugal and Axial Fans from the manufacturer ebmpapst.

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